Academic Programs

Kyongsangbuk-do - Toson Sowon UCLA's commitment to Korean Studies is reflected in the breadth, depth, and diversity of its curriculum in Korean area studies. Some thirty undergraduate courses focused principally or comparatively on Korea are offered regularly in departments throughout the university, with a growing body of graduate courses also offered. The Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures (EALC) offers a complete curriculum in Korean language, with four full years of modern Korean and regular courses on traditional Korean materials written in literary Chinese and Sino-Korean - the only university in the West that offers a regular curriculum in Korean classical language. The department also offer an M.A. in Korean Language and Culture and a Ph.D. in Korean, with specializations in Korean literature, Buddhism, cultural history, and comparative Linguistics. With faculty in Korean having reached critical mass, the department is now able to offer a B.A. in Korean Language and Culture. EALC's Korean division was ranked number one in the country by the external referees participating in the department's recent eight-year review.

Students with broader interdisciplinary interests may also select to major in the interdepartmental program in East Asian Studies, which offers a Korea concentration. Finally, students may focus on Korean area studies while undertaking degrees in such disciplines as history, sociology, anthropology, and political science.

UCLA now attracts the largest enrollments in the country in its undergraduate courses on Korea and has started to matriculate its first Ph.D.s in Korean specialities.