United States should engage Hispanics in its foreign policy
Josue Lopez Calderon.

United States should engage Hispanics in its foreign policy

In an article in The Huffington Post, UCLA alumnus Josue Lopez Calderon (International Development Studies, 2010), argues that the United States should tap into its own diversity and send Latinos to areas of the world outside of Latin America.

“As the relationship between Latin America and emerging regions such as Asia remains strong, the argument for optimally engaging America's largest diaspora, Hispanics, in U.S. foreign policy has never been more essential. Opening doors for Latinos to represent the U.S. at home and in countries outside of Latin America can create triangulation opportunities to further build upon relationships with key stakeholders that can effectively promote political and economic partnerships around the world. But first there is one roadblock that for decades has garnered less attention, additional representation in the principal U.S. foreign affairs agency, the Department of State.”

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