Research Awards: 2003-2004

Faculty and Student Research Awards: 2003-2004


2003 - 2004

  • Professor Paula Tavrow, School of Public Health. The Youth for Youth (Y4Y) Program: Reducing Adolescent HIV/STD and Pregnancies in Western Kenya. Project Abstract: The goal of the Youth for Youth (Y4Y) program is to test the impact of an innovative, comprehensive education and service model to improve the sexual and reproductive health of Kenyan adolescents. The model uses secondary schools as the hub of activities and involves the assistance of a local non-governmental organization (NGO), KMET, based in Kisumu, Kenya. ( PowerPoint Presentation)
  • Professor Charlotte Neumann, School of Public Health. Malnutrition & Poor Health: Articulating the Impact of Deficits on the Education for all Agenda.
  • Professor Alfred Neumann, School of Public Health. Comparative Study of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control in Kenya and a Portion of North East Hunan Province, the Republic of China. Project Abstract: Survey of best practices of HIV prevention and control in Kenya for presentation to members of the National AIDS/STI Committee in Human Province, China to enable HIV prevention experts there to benefit from the experience of their Kenyan counterparts.
  • Professor Mark Sawyer, Department of Political Science. Globalization and the Production of Political Power in African Countries. Project Abstract: Research project to examine how the African state is able to reproduce itself when faced with political or military attacks through its interactions with the global community.
  • Professor Michael Lofchie, Department of Political Science.Globalization and Democratization in Tanzania. Project Abstract: Field research on Tanzanian political life and on the radical transformation of the country's coffee production and marketing systems.
  • Professor Donald Morisky, Public Health and Community Health Sciences.Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Secondary Education Programmes in Uganda. Project Abstract: This study on HIV/AIDS will be conducted jointly by the Uganda Ministry of Education and Sports (MOES) and the University of California, Los Angeles in secondary schools in Uganda. The purpose of this study is to provide the Ministry of Education and Sports with an evaluation of the national curriculum of education programs for prevention and control of HIV/AIDS in secondary schools and to produce scholarly journal articles in the HIV/AIDS education literature.
  • Professor Dominic Thomas, Department of French and Francophone Studies.Globalization and the African Diaspora. Project Abstract: Explore globalization and those transnational constituencies that have emerged from colonialism and immigration, offering new ways of thinking about population flows between Africa and the Diaspora.

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