Urban Governance, Water and Poverty Alleviation

The Urban Governance, Water and Poverty Alleviation project directly addresses poverty as a manifestation of globalization.

Tackling issues of urban poverty head on, it builds upon existing interdisciplinary research carried out by GRCA. The condition of the urban poor with respect to access to basic water and sanitation services in Africa's recent rapid urbanization provides a key indicator of the global division of wealth and power. The local and most visible manifestation of this division in the international economic order is the rapidly growing population of poor urban slum dwellers in formal and informal settlements who lack adequate housing, face insecure land tenure, and who must cope with an inequitable distribution of basic services of sufficient quality such as water, sanitation, transportation, electricity, etc. The four components of the proejct are: Environmental Health, Water and Sanitation; Civil Society, Non-state Providers and the public Sector; Urban-Rural Linkages; and Information and Decision making.

GRCA Sponsored Reports and Presentations:

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Published: Wednesday, May 20, 2009