Globalization Research Network

The Globalization Research Network (GRN) is a consortium of research centers whose mission is to conduct collaborative activites among its members and others in globalization areas of scholarly and public concern.

These activities include theoretical and applied research and public education. The GRN has a Secretariat comprised of the directors of its member centers. The Secretariat's function include linking researchers across (and outside) the GRN who have common research and/or educational interests; proposing and facilitating joint research projects among the member institutions; identifying funding sources for its member institutions who wish to engage in collaborative research and education; and hosting conferences, symposia, and other meetings on behalf of and for its members. The purpose of this website is to provide information about GRN supported projects, to disseminate data and resaerch findings from projects shared by its member institutions, and to serve as a link to the websites of its member-institutions.

The umbrella website of the network can be found at the following website: Globalization Research Network

Each GRN member institution also sponsors its own activities which can be found on the following websites:

Published: Wednesday, June 03, 2009