The Conflict of Re-Presentation: Re-Presenting Conflict In Africa Conference (5th Annual AAA Conference)

The African Activist Association at UCLA presented their fifth annual conference on May 14-15, 2010 and we have posted podcasts from various presentations at the conference.

Conference Goal

The goal of this conference is to gather new scholarship on the continent of Africa that challenges the frames of reference as to how Africa is viewed both at home and abroad. Tribulations on the continent of Africa are often posed in generic and static terms that do not fully appreciate the complexity of the historical roots that underlie them. As a continent continuously misrepresented in both popular and non-popular mediums of communication, this conference will function as a space of re-presentation of the voices and histories of the seldom heard. This is a space of creative scholarship that will bring together a wide-range of topics that proffer new vision and resolution.


Keynote Address

Panel I: Violence, Immigration and the State

Panel II: Gender, Violence and Sexuality

Panel III: Art, Activism and Music

Panel IV: Navigating Space, Culture and Nationalism


Published: Monday, June 14, 2010