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Burkle Seminar on Global Affairs

"Transnational Dimensions of Civil War" with guest speaker, Kristian Skrede Gletisch, Political Science, UCSD

Friday, February 13, 2004
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Many civil wars, like the Albanian revolt in Macedonia in 2001 or the rebellion in Chechnya, have as much to do with events outside the country as with the national government, and they can produce contagion to other states.   A series of hypotheses on transnational influence on civil wars is tested statistically.  The analysis should eventually help the international community reduce the risk of such conflicts.


The Burkle Seminar on Global Affairs is an ongoing series which emphasizes interdisciplinary topics and includes scholars from other social sciences as well as public policy and law.

Special Instructions

by invitation only

For more information please contact:

Krista Eulberg

Tel: 310-825-0604


Sponsor(s): Burkle Center for International Relations

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