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Zimbabwean Music and Dance

The Chigambas Family, master musicians and dancers, along with the Chinyakare Ensemble from Oakland will be in Los Angeles from July 22-24 for a series of concerts and workshops.

Saturday, July 23, 2005
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Topanga Canyon
Topanga Canyon , CA

Info forwarded from Professor Ric Alviso, CSU Northridge professor and UCLA Ethnomusicology alum.  Professor Alviso did his fieldwork in Zimbabwe with the Chigambas, master musicians and dancers, and he has arranged to bring them to the L.A. area for concerts and workshops, July 23-24.

For more info, please contact Professor Alviso at alviso_ric@smc.edu 


The Chigamba Family, traditional master musicians and dancers from Zimbabwe, along with the Chinyakare Ensemble from Oakland, will be in Los Angeles from Friday, July 22 to Sunday, July 24, giving concerts, workshops and private lessons.

On Saturday, July 23rd there will be an all-day Zimbabwean music and dance camp in a beautiful rustic setting overlooking Topanga Canyon from 9:00 am- 5:30 pm followed by an intimate house concert beginning at 8pm.

Music and dance camp will include workshops in singing, drumming and percussion, mbira (Zimbabwean thumb-piano), and dance. Cost is $15 per hour of instruction per person. Tickets for the evening house concert are $20.  All-day special package (music and dance workshops with evening concert) with two meals is $100 if payment received before July 20th. For a complete list of workshops and times, please email alviso_ric@smc.edu.

Space is limited! Contact Ric Alviso for more information or to reserve a spot.

The Chigambas and Chiyakare are also available for private lessons. Call (310) 455-3575 or email: alviso_ric@smc.edu

--  Hear the Chigambas live on KPFK! Friday, July 22 at 10:30am on Global Village with Sergio Mielniczenko.

--  Also see the Chigambas live with the Chinyakare Ensemble and the Masanga Marimba Ensemble at Temple Bar, Sunday, July 24. 8pm. For more info go to www.templebarlive.com


Tute Chigamba was born into a family of traditional and spiritual musicians. The son of a master drummer and dancer, Chigamba has kept the traditions of his musical heritage alive so that now many of his own children and grandchildren lead others in carrying on these traditions. A key player at ceremonies during the struggle for independence from 1972-1979, Chigamba's popularity has since spread not just across Zimbabwe, but throughout the world. He has introduced thousands of people to mbira and now receives students from many countries at his home in Zimbabwe where he continues to compose songs, make mbiras and hold healing ceremonies.

Irene Chigamba, Founder and Artistic Director of Mhembero Dance Troupe since 1984, learned to play mbira from the age of eight by watching her father. Her training in Zimbabwean traditional dance began with her father, mother and relatives in the village. Later, as a longtime member of the National Dance Company of Zimbabwe she learned about the performance and cultural context of dances from other regions of Zimbabwe, and gained choreographic skills that guide her work with Mhembero today. Irene teaches mbira, drums, marimba and dance both privately and at the Zimbabwe College of Music. Together and independently, Irene and Tute have performed in USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, England, Austria, Mozambique, Zambia, Russia, India, North Korea, China and Malaysia among other countries.

Ronnie Daliyo, cousin of the Chigamba family, has been a dancer and musician with Mhembero since 1993. He performs and teaches dance, drumming, marimba and vocals.

Julia Chigamba, after many years dancing with Mhembero Dance Troupe, came to the USA in 1999. Two years later, in Oakland, California, she established the organization Tawanda muChinyakare and the music and dance company Chinyakare to share the beauty and wisdom of her culture in the USA. The Chinyakare Ensemble boasts a collection of diverse and experienced musicians from both Africa and the United States. True to its name, "deep traditional," the ensemble represents traditional music and dance from Shona, Ndebele, and other groups from around Zimbabwe.

Special Instructions

For a complete list of workshops and times, please email alviso_ric@smc.edu.

For more information please contact:

Ric AlvisoTel: 310-455-3575


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