John Beasley and Gang Performing at The World Stage

Jazz, blues, classical, world and original music - John Beasley and Gang can play it all.

Saturday, July 02, 2005
9:30 PM - 10:30 PM
The World Stage Performance Gallery
4344 Degnan Blvd.
one block east of Crenshaw, north of Vernon between 43rd Place and 43rd St.
Los Angeles, CA

Two shows over two evenings  -  Friday, July 1 and Saturday, July 2 --  9:30 pm and 11:00 pm 

The World Stage is a cozy performance space that the late great Billy Higgins founded years ago. There are workshops, lessons and performances for the community; with the goal of keeping creative music happening.

John Beasley and Gang will be playing some new original music as well as Monk, Coltrane, Blues and Standards.

John Beasley and Gang:

  • Bob Sheppard, Saxophone
  • Richard Grant, Trumpet
  • John Beasley, Piano...a real one!
  • Jeff Littleton & Harish Raghavan, Bass
  • Cornell Fowler, Drums


John Beasley  --  Composer and Pianist -- BIOGRAPHY
"There are a few words that aptly describe keyboard virtuoso and composer John Beasley and the music he conceives and plays. One would be passion. Another would be intelligence. Still another would be individualism. Indeed, Beasley's music moves passionately from whisper to roar, always reaching into the heart of the moment; his approach to composing and playing is intelligently and exquisitely realized, always acknowledging the past while relentlessly exploring the present and future of not only jazz, but blues, classical, and world musics as well. Jazz icons Miles Davis and Freddie Hubbard and pop composers/performers Walter Becker & Donald Fagen of Steely Dan, film composer Thomas Newman, and record producers, Ron Fair, to name only a few, were quick to enlist Beasley's talents in their respective aggregations.

Cellist Pablo Casals, arguably one of the greatest musicians of all time, once said, “the greatest respect an artist can pay to music is to give it life.” Miles Davis personified that wonderful statement and spent his own lifetime passing such timeless wisdom along to those who were fortunate enough to have played with him. John Beasley is a member of that gifted inner circle, always probing, growing, and learning as his artistic path unfolds. And how fortunate we listeners are to be along for the ride.

Today, Beasley balances writing new music, including his recent release, Nuances ­ 15 piano solos, producing, arranging, and composing for other major artists, doing studio film/TV and commercial projects, including American Idol 2005, and working in Japan as A&R for EWE Records producing albums for Japanese mega-jazz vocalist, Chie Ayado, and other Japanese and American artists. For more information...please visit: or email"

Second show is at 11 PM.

Cost : $10 donation; free and ample parking

The World Stage Performance Gallery

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