The North Korean Bomb: Implications and Options

A panel discussion on the significance of the North Korean nuclear test

Thursday, November 02, 2006
1:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Sequoia Room at the UCLA Faculty Center
Los Angeles, CA 90095

The Perspective from Pyongyang: Dae-Sook Suh
The Perspective from Seoul: Chaibong Hahm
The Perspective from Beijing: Scott Rembrandt
The Perspective from Washington: William Drennan
Questions and discussion: John Duncan with speakers

Dae-Sook Suh:  Professor Emeritus, Univ. of Hawaii.  The leading specialist on North Korea in the Western world
Chaibong Hahm:  Professor of International Relations and Political Science and Director of the Korean Studies Institute at USC
William Drennan: retired Air Force colonel and former deputy director of the US Institute for Peace Research and Studies Program who has specialized in and written widely on Korean security issues
Ron Rogowski: Interim Vice Provost and Dean, UCLA International Institute; Director, Burkle Center for International Relations
John Duncan:  Director, UCLA Center for Korean Studies; Professor, Asian Languages and Cultures
Scott Rembrandt:  Director of Research and Academic Affairs, Korea Economic Institute

Open to the Public

Cost : Free

Sejung Kim

Sponsor(s): Burkle Center for International Relations, Center for Korean Studies, Korea Economic Institute (KEI)