Tuareg Music Festival

Acclaimed African musicians to perform at Hermosa Beach fund raiser sponsored by NomadHope.org, American Airlines, Pacific Volkswagen, and The Africa Channel.

Sunday, June 10, 2007
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Sangria's Restaurant
68 Pier Ave
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

Info forwarded from Keely McGeehan - Keely@4Sahara.com

Press Release:
Hermosa Beach, CA – June 10, 2007 – A new African Music Festival debuts on Sunday, June 10th at Sangria’s Restaurant in Hermosa Beach.

Three musicians from Tidawt, a popular Tuareg band, are making an incredible journey from their small village in the Sahara to share their music and their story, and help NomadHope.org raise funds to build a Community Center near their home in Niger, Africa.

Tidawt is also performing at Stanford’s Tuareg exhibit, and with Markus James and Mickey Hart at Slims in San Francisco on June 4th, and will be featured on the upcoming CD release of saxophonist Tim Ries’ Rolling Stones World Music Project, to be released in the fall.

Sahara Solutions Foundation Inc., a non profit organization founded by Executive Director Keely McGeehan, has launched NomadHope.org programs to bring greater awareness to the conditions of nomadic and semi-nomadic women, children, and families in the Sahara Desert region of Niger. The new website will facilitate fund raising, hands-on project tours, and event announcements. The launch includes two new programs, supporting the distribution of “Where There is No Doctor” self-healthcare books and to build a Community Center in Ingal, Niger slated to open in 2008.

“We are committed to providing Saharan nomads with the lifelong gift of learning and the opportunity to sustain their way of life through action oriented, community sustained, culturally sensitive, and technology driven projects”, says Executive Director Keely McGeehan. NomadHope.org believes in promoting self-reliance through locally accountable and micro level projects.

NomadHope.org is actively working to improve the lives of pastoral nomad tribes, the Tuareg and Wodaabe in Niger.

Community Center
The town of Ingal, 70 miles west of Agadez, is the annual site for a grand get-together called the Cure Salée. It means, literally, 'salt cure', a celebration of the fattening of the cattle after the summer migration. Ingal has been selected as the first center for computer learning programs, after school programs for children and teens, as well as other solar powered, technology based programs. The planned state of the art facility will provide a base for many programs in education, micro-business development, and healthcare.

Where There Is No Doctor, book distribution program
In November of 2007, NomadHope.org will distribute the Hesperian self-help books, called “Where There Is No Doctor” to small remote villages and to nomadic communities in Niger. These books provide communities without access to professional medical care, the tools they need to diagnose and treat minor and life threatening healthcare issues. Nomad Hope will also provide training to at least one person in each community to become the local clinical caregiver.

About Sahara Solutions Foundation, Inc.
Sahara Solutions Foundation, Inc., experts in healthcare technologies and project management, empowers nomadic women, children, and families in remote areas of Africa. Programs focus on learning and technology driven assistance, promoting community based self-reliance.

Sahara Solutions Foundation is led by Executive Director Keely McGeehan, an experienced technology consultant, business operations leader, and professional project manager. Keely is known for her technology expertise and a practical and results oriented approach to integrating technology into people’s daily lives. Prior to founding Sahara Management Solutions, Keely held many industry leadership positions, including Senior Vice President of Operations at PacketVideo Corporation, Vice President of Broadband Internet and Digital Telephone Services for AT&T Broadband, as well as senior positions with
international companies such as Candle Corporation and Xerox Corporation. Keely is also President of Sahara Management Solutions, Inc., established in 2002 to assist non-profit healthcare organizations implement electronic healthcare records, moving toward the President’s Health Information Technology Plan.

NomadHope.org’s Partners

About McElroy, Inc.
With expertise spanning creative, marketing, technology and business analytics, McElroy is a full-service interactive marketing agency that delivers effective, measurable multi-media campaigns born from expert data analysis and actionable consumer insights. McElroy’s core offerings include interactive, database and relationship marketing services that form a centralized online control point for clients’ integrated marketing campaigns.

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The Nomad Foundation
The Nomad Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of cultural and artistic traditions in Africa; helping people support themselves using expertise that has sustained them through centuries. www.nomadfoundation.org. Thanks to the Nomad Foundation for a tremendous effort in coordinating Tidawt’s travel to the United States!

Tickets available online at www.NomadHope.org


Cost : Tickets available online at www.NomadHope.org

For more information please contact:

Sahara Solutions Foundation, Inc. Tel: 310.422.3482



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