Darfur Action Committee Meeting

The Darfur Action Committee would like to invite YOU to attend the first UCLA DAC meeting of the year!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
10383 Bunche Hall
UCLA campus
Los Angeles, CA 90095

We will be discussing leadership roles (we have a lot of positions open) and activities for the upcoming year (a lot of which will need your help in planning). Below is a list of positions to think about and a brief overview of what DAC is all about! Remember that leadership positions are filling up fast and because we are accepting applications on a first come, first serve basis, we hope to see all that are interested at the first meeting!

If you have any questions, just email us back at darfur@ucla.edu.  We are excited about the opportunity to work with you, and hope to see you soon!

What is DAC?
The Darfur Action Committee is an activist organization engaged in raising awareness of the genocide in Darfur and promoting and engaging students in political activism on this issue. The group has existed for a few years, becoming established shortly after the genocide erupted in 2003, and has led successful campaigns in bringing considerable attention to issues critical to bringing an end to the genocide. The divestment movement at UCLA, a movement aimed at getting the UC system's pensions divested from economic activities in Sudan, was one such campaign that mobilized students on campus to take action on this issue. In time, this campaign that began with the work of UCLA DAC student activists became a nationwide campaign with the leadership of UCLA students. The majority of state legislatures have already passed divestment laws, including California, thanks to this movement.

DAC's mission is to raise awareness of the history and current issues of genocide in Darfur and engage UCLA students in taking civic action on this issue though letter writing, lobbying, and awareness campaigns as well as outreach. But our mission doesn't end there. DAC will continue to fight other genocides that are currently erupting in other places around the world and will continue to help rebuild communities that have been affected by genocide.

By joining the Darfur Action Committee, you will be directly supporting efforts to improve the humanitarian crisis in Darfur, Sudan. Make the most of the time you spend at UCLA by participating in a student-activist movement that will be documented historically. When you decide to get involved, you will have the chance to earn community service hours, participate in political activism on campus and in the greater community, gain valuable experiences through education activities, fundraisers, and political activism, and will also be able to obtain leadership experience that will prepare you for life in your career after college, regardless of your academic focus at UCLA.

Upcoming Activities for the 2007-2008 school year:
Mighty Mic Concert
Movie Screenings
Awareness Week
Opera For Darfur
Pass The Can (at UCLA Football games)
Letter Writing Campaign
Lobbying Trips
African Cultural Event
And Much More!

If you are interested and passionate about the genocide going on in Darfur, Sudan please join the UCLA chapter of the Darfur Action Committee. We are a group on campus dedicated to promoting awareness of the genocide going on in Darfur and promoting political activism in the form of lobbying, letter writing campaigns, and other means of civic engagement. We are currently recruiting members and are offering leadership roles.

The DAC is composed of the following committees:

  • Outreach Committee
  • Publicity Committee
  • Advocacy Committee
  • Event Programming Committee

Descriptions for each committee are listed below:

Outreach and External Relations: Works with other social justice organizations to organize events, recruits prospective members, and administers DAC's High School Activist Outreach Program.

Publicity: Publicizes DAC's events, advocacy programs, outreach programs, and non-profit fundraisers.

Event Programming: Organizes DAC's events and coordinates with the Publicity and Finance committees in its programming.

Letter Writing: Researches and composes letters addressed to the relevant public officials on specific issues that affect the genocide.  Encourage UCLA students and members of the neighboring Westwood communities to write letters to their senators and representatives by reaching out to other on-campus and local organizations.

Finance: Manages DAC's funds and organizes fundraising activities in an effort to financially sustain DAC's projects, programs, and events.

The leadership roles being offered through the Outreach Committee are:

Spokesperson/representative: Goes to local high schools and helps other groups start chapters or answer any questions that they may have. Represents DAC at special events and to other organizations.  Handles Public Relations work.

E-mail controller: forms and sustains connections with other organizations working with Darfur, both on and off the, and networking. Represents DAC in replying to e-mails inquiring about DAC's work.

Website Manager: Informing the UCLA community of recent and upcoming DAC UCLA programs as well as educating the public on the Darfur Crisis and how to get involved on its website. Maintains and develops the website.

Lobby planner: Sets up lobby days and corresponds with senators and representatives we want to lobby.

Rides liaison: Arranges transportation for the lobby days and events.

High School Activist Outreach Program: New leadership roles being offered in DAC's newest community service program! Please contact Anjana Puri for more details.

Positions available for the Publicity Committee include:

Tabling organizer: Organizes tabling events to help publicize DAC events on campus through human and literary resources.

Advertisers: Coordinate and organize advertising for DAC events.

Positions offered for the Event Programming Committee are:

DAC Connector: makes sure that publicity, outreach, and finance are doing what they have to do for the event to run smoothly.

Positions on the Finance Committee:

Treasurer: Creates and maintains the DAC budget; help DAC members with questions regarding group finances. Helps Finance Coordinator with finances.

Fundraising Head: Creates, plans, and hosts fundraising events to generate proceeds that will fund organizations working in and for Darfur. Applies for funding through funding sources at UCLA.

Lobby planner: Set up lobby days, corresponding with people we want to lobby.

Rides liaison: someone to arrange rides for the lobby days and events.

As a member you will be able to participate in the decision making process for your committee's work and will have the ability to vote on official DAC proposals. Don't miss out! Together we can stop the Darfur genocide and help build a future for the world without genocide.

UCLA Darfur Action Committee

Cost : Free and open to the public; parking is available for $8.

For more information please contact:

Darfur Action Committee at UCLATel: 310-825-3686



Sponsor(s): African Studies Center, Darfur Action Committee