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Responsible Stakeholder or Revisionist Superpower? China and the World in the 21st Century

An all-day conference sponsored by the UCLA Burkle Center, UCLA Center for Chinese Studies, UCLA International Institute, and Center for American Progress.

Monday, May 24, 2010
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
James West Alumni Center
Conference Room
Los Angeles, CA 90095

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This conference will explore several questions related to China's rise to prominence and power in world politics. What are China's attitudes and policies toward the current array of international institutions, norms and rules? How is China engaging with key global issues today, such as nuclear non-proliferation, the financial crisis, and climate change? Will China assume more of a leadership role in the future, and if so, will it work within the existing system or seek to revamp that system? What can the US do to ensure that China is a "responsible stakeholder," and what adjustments will the US have to make as China's influence grows? On May 24 we will bring many of the best minds in the field to UCLA to discuss these questions.

The keynote speaker is John Podesta, President and CEO of the Center for American Progress and former White House Chief of Staff to President Clinton. Other confirmed speakers include Gen. Wesley K. Clark (ret.), former State Department Director of Policy Planning Stephen Krasner, CBS foreign news correspondent Terry McCarthy, former Deputy Asst. Secretary of State Susan Shirk, and many other experts.

REGISTRATION CLOSES ON THURSDAY, MAY 20TH, AT 3:00 PM. TO REGISTER GO TO THE CONFERENCE WEBSITE: http://international.ucla.edu/burkle/china2010/

Special Instructions

Admission to this conference is limited and early registration is recommended; registration closes on Tuesday, May 18, 2010.


Sponsor(s): Burkle Center for International Relations, Center for Chinese Studies, UCLA International Institute, Center for American Progress

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