Morocco: Its History and Culture

A Group Project Abroad (GPA) by Jelani Hamm

Topic: History

Subject: Social Studies

Duration of Lessons: 7 days/periods and assessment

Grade Level: 7th

Rationale: While the State Standards clearly state benchmarks and educational objectives, the constraints of public education do not always give students an opportunity to participate in learning that is culturally relevant. Also, students are often given a Eurocentric taste of History. Many educational presentations are based on popular historical information that's repeated in the mainstream and corporate history books. The 7th Grade California States Standards include benchmarks that allow for the inclusion of culturally relevant information and varied historical purviews. This inclusion not only presents objective historical data, but by addressing these standards, students can also find information that relates to them in a personal and cultural manner. Therefore, this lesson intends to address some of the less popular benchmarks of the grade level standards that will have particular resonance for teachers who seek to understand the Islamic world, specifically through the Middle Ages in Morocco.