Africa: First Grade

A curriculum module from Summer Institute for Educators participant, Jonathan Smith

Topic : Africa: First Grade

Subject: General

Duration of Lesson: Year-round

Grade Level: 1st

Rationale: Introduce students to the African continent and its diversity of cultures, histories and legacies.

Lesson Objectives:

1) Students will be introduced to the word, "continent."

2) Students will be able to recognize a continent.

3) Students will be introduced to the Continent, "Africa."

4) Students will recognize the capital" A" in the word, "Africa."

5) Students will recognize the short" a" vowel sound in the word “Africa."

6) Students will be able to differentiate between the Captial "A" and lower case" a."

7) Students will be introduced to and learn basic facts about Africa and it's history.

8) Students will learn the basic history and purpose of the Kente cloth.

9) Students will be exposed to African music and dance.

10) Children will learn about nine(9) famous African-Americans.

11) Children will create, write, and illustrate and" All About Africa" Big Book.