For Teachers

ASC has developed a diversified approach to engaging teachers in increasing Africa content in their classroom and schools. Over the years ASC has recognized that addressing negative stereotypes and improving awareness of Africa requires groundbreaking and innovative methods of integrating Africa into the school curriculum. ASC is committed to empowering teachers to make a difference in their classes and schools through innovative professional development, school visits, Africa-content curriculum development, and new media.

ASC is committed to providing both academic and practical experience for teachers interested in African pedagogy. The teacher training programs are based on the proposition that a teacher's intellectual engagement with effective curriculum benefits their students in all areas: critical thinking, problem-solving, reading comprehension, and building schema for future learning. Educator programs are designed at various levels to build on participants' knowledge (regardless of dearth or wealth), to stimulate awareness, provide materials, and foster interest in Africa. The objective of such diversified outreach is to provide educators with a range of opportunities to gain Africanist expertise regardless of their prior background knowledge.

Professional Development Opportunities

  • Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad
    The project takes 10-12 teachers to Morocco each year for intensive travel-study experience.
  • Teachers' Workshop
    Teachers' Institute on Africa, an Institute designed for intermediate and secondary school humanities, social science, and language arts teachers who are interested in strengthening and enriching their course content on Africa.
  • Africa in the Classroom
    In line with its commitment to education and leadership, the James S. Coleman African Studies Center is proud to introduce African in the Classroom comprised of two sections: Performing Arts and Academic Presentations.

New Curriculum Units

  • GlobaLink-Africa
    GlobaLink-Africa Curriculum Project is a school-year-long, multi-media, online curriculum resource for critical thinking about globalization and its relationship with Africa, Africans, and United States-Africa policy.
  • Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad: Morocco Curriculum Units
    After studying in Morocco through the Fulbright-Hays GPA program, our teachers prepared these units focusing on Morocco and North Africa for use in American K-12 schools.
  • Other Africa Units
    Below are links to additional curriculum units on a variety of subject pertaining to African history, arts, and culture.

Teacher and Student Resources on Africa

  • Africa Country Profiles
  • Collection of websites of interest to Africanists
    External sites.
  • African Studies Center Films
    The African Studies Center offers a wide-variety of educational films on Africa. These resources are housed in the Center and available for K-12 educators to view on a daily basis.