2013-14 Asia Institute and Wagatsuma Fellowships Awarded

Hiroshi Wagatsuma Memorial Grants and Asia Institute Graduate Fellowship Recipients


Asia Institute Graduate Fellowships

The Asia Institute Graduate Fellowships are awarded to UCLA graduate students whose research focuses on focuses on an Asian topic or incorporates Asia in comparative or regional perspectives or methodologies. The 2013-2014 awards are granted to advanced graduate students in recognition of their demonstrated achievement and the potential of their research and their promise as scholars.

Yu-ting Huang, Comparative Literature
 Decolonizing the Settler Pacific: Land Indigeneity and Settler Colonialism in Contemporary Writings of the Pacific

Yoonjung Seo, Art History
 Auspiciousness and Propaganda: The Use of Chinese Images in Late Choson Court Art

Hsiao-Chun Wu, History Ascending the Great Hall of Elegance:  Knowledge Production about Peking Opera in early Twentieth-Century China

Hiroshi Wagatsuma Memorial Faculty Grants and Fellowships

Hiroshi Wagatsuma Memorial Faculty Grants and Graduate Fellowships are awarded in honor of the late UCLA Anthropology Professor Hiroshi Wagatsuma, who for many years served as an important bridge of mutual understanding between students and academics in Japan and the United States.

2013-2014 Graduate Awards

Hieyoon Kim, Asian Languages and Cultures
 The Contested Visions: Visual Culture and Colonial Subjectivity in Korea 1900-1945

Andrea Cavicchi, Asian Languages and Cultures
 Rediscovering Homeland and Negotiating Belonging for Overseas Korean Adoptees in Korea

Faculty Award

Paavo Monkkonen, Urban Planning
 Social Mix in Japanese Cities: A Comparison of the Socio-spatial Structure of Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, and Los Angeles

Published: Friday, August 30, 2013