Asia Pacific Center Hosts Launch Reception


Director Min Zhou hosted a launch reception for the renamed Asia Pacific Center (APC) on March 14 at Royce Hall. Nearly one hundred faculty, staff, students, and friends from the community attended the event. Professor Christopher Erickson, Senior Associate Vice Provost and Director of the International Institute, welcomed the participants and introduced APC Director Min Zhou. Professor Min Zhou delivered a speech in which she first introduced the center's Executive Committee and Faculty Advisory Committee as well as the APC mission statement. She emphasized that the center will continue its core programming including outreach activities under Title VI, the Program on Central Asia, and the Taiwan Studies Lectureship. She introduced new projects as well, including the partnership with the Global Chinese Philanthropy Initiative (GCPI); a lecture series on "China and Beyond"; and research on Chinese and Indian entrepreneurship, Buddhism along the silk road, and globalization and civil society in East Asian space.

Published: Friday, April 07, 2017