Michael Darby

Warren C. Cordner Distinguished Professor of Money and Financial Markets

Department: UCLA Anderson School of Management CA
Phone: 310-825-4180
Email: michael.r.darby@anderson.ucla.edu

Keywords: Japan, Economic Theory

PhD: U. of Chicago 1970

Research focus: Opening the black box of technological progress

Selected publications:

Michael R. Darby, “Financial Reform in the United States,” invited lecture  for the International Symposium on Financial Reforms in Korea, June 19, 1997, Seoul, Korea: Presidential Commission for Financial Reform in Korea, 1997.

Michael R. Darby,  “Reorganization of Korea’s Macroeconomic Management: Comments,” in Korea’s Choices in Emerging Global Competition and Cooperation, Cho, L-J and Kim, Y.H. (Eds.), Seoul: KDI Press, 1998.

Lynne G. Zucker and Michael R. Darby, "Star Scientist Linkages to Firms in APEC and European Countries:  Indicators of Regional Institutional Differences Affecting Competitive Advantage," International Journal of Biotechnology, 1999, 1(1): 119-131.