Rui Wang

Assistant Professor

Department: Urban Planning
School of Public Affairs
Phone: (310) 367-3738

Keywords: China, Asia


Explaining California cities' adoption of climate change policies, with JR Deshazo;

Determinants of bicycle-transit integration in U.S. cities;

Planning for green and healthy cities: land use, travel and health in China;

Shaping carpool policies under rapid motorization: the case of China;

Urban gentrification in Beijing: property market reaction to factory removal, transit development and the Beijing Olympics, with Siqi Zheng and Matt Kahn.


Sustainable Urban Development in China: Issues, Policies, Practices, and Effects;

The Greenness of China: Household Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Urban Development, NBER Working Paper No. 15621, December 2009, with Siqi Zheng, Edward Glaeser and Matt Kahn;

Leaders, Followers and Laggards: Committing to Local Climate Actions in California;

Autos, Transit and Bicycles: Comparing the Costs in Large Chinese Cities.


UCLA graduate courses: Transportation and Environmental Issues, Introduction to Environmental Policy and Planning, Travel Behavior Analysis, and Advanced Spatial Analysis; Harvard undergraduate seminar: Urban Economics and Policy.


Panel member, Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Project H-41 "Environmental Performance of Major Transit Projects", FY 2009, Transportation Research Board of the National Academies.

Selected Publications:  

"Shaping Urban Transport Policies in China: Will Copying Foreign Policies Work?" Transport Policy, 2010, 17: 147-152.

"The Structure of Chinese Urban Land Prices: Estimates from Benchmark Land Price Data," Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 2009, 39(1): 24-38.

"Safety and Environmental Costs of Chinese Urban Transportation," Proceedings of the Transportation Research Board 87th Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., Jan 2008.

"Regulating Motor Vehicle Pollution in China: Policies and Implementation in the Pearl River Delta Region," National Conference of the Air and Waste Management Association, Indianapolis, IN, June 2004, with A. Howitt, J. Makler and C. Lo.