Professor Martin Alonso Perez Le-Fort

Prof. Martin Alonso Perez Le-Fort from University of Chile will be teaching a course through the Dept of Political Science during winter 2010. The course is titled The International Relations of the Korean Peninsula: USA, China, Russia, and the Korean Unification.

Director of the Asia-Pacific Center in the Institute of International Studies, University of Chile
Director of the Korean Studies Program in that University

PhD Candidate in Latin American Studies, Leiden University, Netherlands
M.A. in international Studies, University of Chile
B.A. in Sociology

Teaching Activity:
- Assistant professor in the University of Chile.

Contributions for Korean Studies:
- Founder of the Korean Studies Program in the University of Chile.
- "Korean Unification: Historical Outline of Presumptions, Perceptions and Policies,” "Korean Immigration in Chile: History and Acculturation Process" both with the financial support of the Academy of Korean Studies, ROK.
- Academic papers about Korea, regular courses about the international relations of the Korean peninsula.
- Organizer of many international seminars, including the IV Latin American Meeting on Korea Studies, and the Chile-Korea Forum.

Research Interests:
- International Relations of the Asia Pacific, especially the Latin American relations with North East Asia and the North East Asian regional relations (China, ROK, DPRK, Japan, Russia, and the role of USA).
- Korean Unification, the International Relations of the Korean peninsula.
- Korean immigration in Chile.

Published: Wednesday, March 31, 2010