Chinese Studies at UCLA

Greg Anderson (Doctoral Student), Maura Dykstra (Doctoral Student), and Zhang Li (Visiting Scholar) speak about their work in Chinese studies

What one gets out of one's graduate education in large part depends on what one brings to one’s education. Graduate students Greg Anderson (Political Science), Maura Dykstra (History), and Li Zhang (a visiting grad student from Peking University in Archaeology) talk about what brought them to UCLA . . . and what they bring to UCLA.

Greg Anderson - Doctoral Student

Greg Anderson speaks on his research in China.

Maura Dykstra - Doctoral Student

Maura Dykstra speaks on graduate student colloquiums in Chinese studies.

Zhang Li - Visiting Scholar

Zhang Li, a visiting scholar from Peking University speaks on her research at UCLA.

Published: Tuesday, June 29, 2010