Space Available in the spring course, "International Relations of the Middle East"

Are you interested in the politics of the Middle East? Do you want to understand the origins of the current crises in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Iran, Israel and Palestine?

 Space is available in Political Science 132B/ Honors M157 International Relations of the Middle East*

Tuesdays and Thursdays



****Per student requests, the course will focus on the Arab-Israeli conflict, Iran, Lebanon, and the Revolutions of 2011

The revamped syllabus will address student concerns about the heavy workload in the past.****


NELC or Middle East Studies majors may have the class count toward department requirements by writing an extra paper, per departmental approval.

* Note that the course is cross-listed, so students can enroll either with Political Science, or the Honors Department.

Published: Tuesday, March 15, 2011