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Burkle Center Fellow Amy Zegart quoted in CNN story “Is the U.S. safer today than before the 9/11 attacks?”

Amy Zegart contributes her expertise on U.S. attempts to step up domestic security since the 9/11 attacks.

Excerpt from CNN article by Ashley Hayes:

" 'I think it's a mixed bag,' said Amy Zegart, an associate professor at UCLA's School of Public Affairs who served on the National Security Council under President Bill Clinton in 1993. '... We're never safe. The question is, are we moving in the right direction? The answer is yes, but we have a long way to go.'

'Our targets are certainly harder than they were before,' Zegart said. 'Intelligence is better coordinated.' But, she points out, that bar was low before 9/11. 'We were caught flat-footed. ... We had nowhere to go but up.'


The to-do list for the United States remains long, Zegart said. On it are tasks such as defining the role -- and the power -- of the director of national intelligence, as well as those of the so-called 'fusion centers,' aimed at coordinating federal, state and local law enforcement. 'We've got to carry the ball forward. We cannot think that the threat is gone.'

'I think this is a critical juncture,' she said. 'It was before Osama bin Laden's death and even more so today.' Figures like al-Awlaki continue to pose a threat, she said."
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