UCLA Summer Travel Study in Beijing

June 19-July 16, 2013




This program is led by Professor Cindy Fan, Interim Vice Provost - International Studies and recipient of UCLA Distinguished Teaching Award.  The program, open to all majors, offers two courses, and students can enroll under a variety of subject headings: International & Area Studies, Geography, or International  Development Studies.  Graduate students may enroll under East Asian Studies.


Globalization and China* (I A Std 110A/Geog 159A/Intl Dv 191/Ea Std 291A)

"Globalization and China" will examine the evolution of China from a poor, inward-looking nation into a globalized and formidable world power. Through lectures, readings, documentaries, discussions, papers, and field trips (e.g., American Embassy, China Radio International, Beijing Development Area, the 798 Art District, Tsinghua University Science park, Dandelion Migrant Children School, subsidized housing and gated communities, etc.), students will study the nature of China’s rise and its economic and social implications for not only the nation but also the world.

* All International & Area Studies Majors (AMES, Asian Studies, European Studies, Latin American Studies) can apply the ‘Globalization and China’ course towards their I A Std 191 requirement.  Asian Studies Majors can apply the ‘21st Century Beijing’ course towards their Area-Social Sciences electives.


21st Century Beijing (I A Std 110B/Geog 159B/Ea Std 291B)

"21st Century Beijing" will explore the economic, demographic, social, and political processes that have shaped Beijing as a global city. Students will study how Beijing has transformed itself from an ancient capital into a modern, sleek, and arguably greener city. Through readings, lectures, guest lectures, documentaries, field trips (e.g., Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall, the 2008 Olympic venues, the National Theater, etc.), presentations and papers, the course aims at helping students interpret the history, cityscape, branding, and development trajectories of Beijing.

For more information about the program, please consult the travel study's website: http://www.ieo.ucla.edu/travelstudy/EastAsian-China/overview.htm

If you have additional questions regarding the program, contact the UCLA Travel Study Programs, E-mail: ieo@international.ucla.edu , Tel: (310) 825-4995, B300 Murphy Hall, or Magda Yamamoto at undergrads@international.ucla.edu

Published: Wednesday, January 30, 2013