R. Diyah Larasati

Accomplished performance artist and scholar will teach Intermediate Indonesian in 2004-05.

R. Diyah Larasati is a dancer and scholar from the Republic of Indonesia.  She is on the faculty of the Indonesian Institute of the Arts in Yogyakarta (Graduate and undergraduate program in Arts), visiting professor at the Graduate Program of the School of the Arts, Surakarta, and member of the Ministry of Culture and National Education of Indonesia.  Recipient of an AAUW (American Association University of Women) Home Country Project Award, in summer 2004 she produced a series of performances and conferences in Indonesia focused on “Women, Performing Arts and Interpretation.”  Her primary research is on Indonesian Female Performers, Cultural Policy, Memory -Genocide and Performing Arts in South East Asia.  Her research is focused on the countries of Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Vietnam, Thailand and her home Indonesia. 

Larasati's previous experience in language teaching was as a facilitator, teacher, and translator both for private corporations in Indonesia and for a project between the Indonesian government and foreign governments.

In 2001-02, she was awarded an Asian Scholarship from the Ford Foundation.  She conducted research, performance and teaching in Cambodia while she worked closely with the Indonesian Embassy and Cambodian government in Phnom Penh.  Funded by the Asian Cultural Council/ Rockefeller Brothers and Fund, she received her Master's Degree in dance from UCLA in 2000.  In 1997, supported by the World Bank, MSPI/ Ford Foundation, Indonesian Government and Institute of the Arts, she received her Master of Arts in Performance Studies/ Literature from Gadjah Mada University in Indonesia from which she graduated summa cum laude.  Her research focused on the impact of tourism in Bali and Hawaii.

Ms. Larasati has published widely in Indonesian Language in the areas of Performing Arts Studies and Cultural Policy.  Her writing entitled “Bali: Staging national policy and representation for tourism,” appears in Asian Dance Voices of the Millennium edited by Moh Anis Md Nor.  Other publications include: “Peranan Banjar dan Sekaha Dalam pengembangan Seni Wisata”, Seni jurnal Pengetahuan dan Penciptaan Seni, V/03-04 Juli 1997, Yogyakarta: BP ISI Yogyakarta, 160–169.  “Kerja kreatif Seniman Tradisional dan Modern”. Pertunjukun Perjalanan, Jurnal Masyarakat Seni Pertunjukun Indonesia tahun VIII-1997. Bandung: Bentang, 47–56. “Gandrung di Lombok Barat. Seni Pertunjukun Indonesia, Jurnal MPSI, 1996, Bandung: Bentang, 14-25.  Topeng Dalang Marengan Madura Tinjauan Pergeseran Pemilikan dan keintegralan. Seni Jurnal pengetahuan dan Penciptaan Seni IV-03, 1995, Yogyakarta:BP ISI, 240–249. “Cultural Reinvention: Indonesia and United States Relations” (Forthcoming)

Diyah Larasati is also project director of Larasati & Co, a Women's Dance Company of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Published: Thursday, September 23, 2004