Washington DC 2005 winter Internships

UCLA National Internship Program

Program Overview

The UCLA National Internship Program was created to provide students with an opportunity to work with elected officials, government agencies, public interest groups, international organizations, and a wide range of other public and private enterprises. Internships have been arranged with the White House, U.S. House of Representatives, the Senate, California Legislature, CNN, Amnesty International, and a host of other organizations.

Internships to Washington D.C. are offered every quarter throughout the year. Internships to Sacramento are offered only during the summer. We also assist students with placements to other locations in the U.S., mostly during the summer.

Washington DC Winter Quarter 2005 Info Session

*It is required that each applicant attends an information meeting in order to become familiar with operational details of the program.

- July 13, T, 5-6pm, Career Center 200

- July 15, Th, 12-1pm, Career Center 200

- July 27, T, 5-6pm, Career Center 200

- July 30, F, 12-1pm, Career Center 200

- August 10, T, 5-6pm, Career Center 200

- August 12, Th, 12-1pm, Career Center 200

- September 7, T, 5-6pm, Career Center 200

You must apply at least 2 quarters before you plan to begin your internship. For example, if you want to intern during the summer, apply by winter quarter.

To learn more about the UCLA National Internship Program as well as other programs available, visit the UCLA Career Center. Our counselors will be happy to assist you in exploring various internship options.

To learn more about internships in Washington D.C., Sacramento, other cities, or national fellowships, please visit UCLA Career Center Website: http://career.ucla.edu

Published: Friday, January 17, 2003