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The U.S. Department of State is the official international relations arm of the President of the United States and is the oldest executive department of the Federal Government. The Department is responsible for formulating, implementing and supporting U.S. foreign policy, supporting U.S. citizens abroad and managing the human and material resources that provide the platform for U.S. foreign policy.

Each year the Department offers internships to highly qualified college/university students. These internships are open to U.S. citizens who are currently enrolled as full- or part-time students in accredited educational institutions, who will return to school immediately following the internship. About half of the Department's internships are in Washington, D.C. with the remainder at our embassies and consulate abroad. From time to time, intern positions may be available at Department offices in other large cities in the U.S.

Interns with the Department learn first-hand about foreign affairs and are exposed to the challenging work of both the Foreign Service and the Civil Service. Some interns may write reports on human rights issues, or assist with trade negotiations. Other may research economic or environmental issues. Those interested in administrative management may work on projects involving budgets, human resources, information systems, or general logistical support to posts abroad. Others may be involved in a visa and passport work or in helping Americans in distress abroad. Many overseas internships stipulate rotation through two or more embassy/consul sections, providing a broad overview of duties. Internships are excellent preparation for future careers in international affairs, both for the Civil Service and for the Foreign Service.


To be eligible for an internship, a student must: * Be a continuing college or university junior, senior, or graduate student * Be a U.S. citizen; and * Be in good academic standing in an accredited institution * Students must be available to begin their internship within the timetable described on page 6 of the application booklet and work a minimum of 10 weeks * IMPORTANT: If you are applying for an internship after receiving an undergraduate degree, you must indicate in your Statement of Interest and on the Employment Data Form that you will be a continuing student immediately upon completion of your internship. If this is not indicated, it will be assumed that you are not a continuing student and your application will not be considered. Proof of acceptance into a graduate program required.


The Department of State offers two types of internships: DOMESTIC and ABROAD. The majority of all internships are UNPAID, whether domestic or abroad. In the case of internships abroad, the embassy or consulate may provide lodging to the intern; however, this is not always the case. In addition, many educational institutions grant academic credit for internships and/or have financial aid available.

More information regarding benefits and paid internships is available in the information booklet.


Summer Internship- November 01
Fall Internship - March 01
Spring Internship - July 01

An application deadline falling on a Sunday is extended to the next Federal workday.


For complete guideline and application information please refer to the information booklet. All applicants are directed to the website for more information http://www.state.gov/www/careers.

Submit all applications to the intern coordinator's office. Do not separate or send applications directly to any bureau or office in the department. This could delay your consideration for an internship as all internship applications are processed centrally.

Mail or hand deliver package to

Intern Coordinator Recruitment Division - 5th Floor
Department of State
2401 E Street,
N.W. Washington, D.C. 20522

For more information

Please contact the agency directly and call (703) 875-7490 "hot line" or visit the website: http://www.state.gov/www/careers

Published: Wednesday, December 01, 2004