Benjamin Zimmer, 2002-2003 CSEAS Post-Doctoral Fellow

Benjamin Zimmer will join the Center as a postdoctoral fellow in Fall 2002, upon finishing his dissertation in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Chicago entitled Being Sundanese, Speaking Sundansese: The Sociopolitics of Linguistic Differentiation in the Highlands of West Java, Indonesia.

While resident at UCLA, Zimmer will pursue research on the constructions of linguistic difference among the Indonesian-American community of Southern California in addition to a continuing project based on his dissertation. He will also organize a conference tentatively entitled "Linguistic Imaginations of the Indian Ocean Region" and teach the seminar "Language, Politics and Identity in Indonesia" in the Anthropology Department.

His publications include "Al-'Arabiiyah and Basa Sunda: Ideologies of Translation and Interpretation among the Muslims of West Java," in Studia Islamika: Indonesian Journal for Islamic Studies 7(3), 2000. 

Published: Monday, August 26, 2002