Asia Institute Catalog Lists Over 200 Asian Studies Fellowships

Whatever your Asian Studies interest, there is probably a fellowship to help you pursue it!

Trying to keep your study of Asia moving ahead? Fellowships are available to support undergrads, grad students, and faculty.

Long one of the most popular parts of our website, the UCLA Asia Institute fellowship pages are bulging with information on more than 200 different awards which can be used to support Asian Studies. These include awards administered by the Asia Institute and its member Centers to awards administered by national and international groups and agencies. Awards exist to fund Asia study trips for schoolteachers, to sponsor language acquisition, to enroll in Asian university courses, to carry out graduate research, to write or rework dissertations, to carry out postdoctoral research, to collaborate with Asian scholars, and to teach or work in Asia. Some awards have citizenship or residency requirements.

Awards administered by the Asia Institute include:

In addition the Institute works with UCLA faculty and graduate students in preparing applications for the University of California's Pacific Rim Research Program.

The Asia Institute's member centers also administer a number of awards:

These include:

Center for Chinese Studies

  • Graduate Fellowships and Assistantships (graduate students)
  • Summer Language Fellowships (graduate students)
  • Small Grants (graduate students)

Center for Japanese Studies

  • Sasakawa Recruitment and Fieldwork Fellowships (graduate students)
  • Sasakawa Faculty Grants (faculty)
  • George and Sakaye Aratani Fellowships and Field Experience Fellowships (graduate students)
  • Herbert and Helen Kawahara Fellowships (graduate students)

Center for Korean Studies

  • Conference Travel Grants (graduate students)
  • Luce Graduate Fellowship and Postdoctoral Fellowship in Korean Christianity (graduate students and postdocs)

Center for Southeast Asian Studies

  • Southeast Asia Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships (graduate students)

Comparative and Interdisciplinary Research on Asia

  • Research Cluster Grants (graduate students and faculty)

Information about these awards and over 200 others is available at:

Here are a few examples of awards included in the catalog:

Library Travel Grants (e.g., Hmong Resource Center, Harvard-Yenching, Princeton)

Language Study (e.g., Blakemore, China and Taiwan governments, Korea Foundation)

School Teachers (e.g., Keizai Koho, NEH)

Graduate Students (e.g., Getty, Humanities Research Institute, Woodrow Wilson Foundation)

Other categories covered include:

  • Undergraduates & Recent Graduates
  • UCLA Students
  • Doctoral Fellowships
  • Post-doctoral Fellowships
  • College and University Faculty
  • Art and Culture
  • Chinese Studies
  • Japanese Studies
  • Korean Studies
  • Southeast Asia Studies
  • South Asia Studies
  • Women
  • Internships
  • Mid Career Professionals
  • Book Awards

Fellowship Catalog:

Published: Thursday, April 03, 2003