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PRRP Grant Awardees, Academic Year 2000-2001

PRRP Grant Awardees, Academic Year 2000-2001

UCLA Pacific Rim Research Program Awardees, 2000-2001

Monique Myers
Environmental Science and Engineering graduate student working with Richard Ambrose
Assessment of Coral Reef Marine Protected Area Health and Management Practice in Australia and Thailand

Doran Ross
Fowler Museum of Cultural History
The Art of Rice: Spirit and Sustenance in Asia

Gi-Wook Shin
Politics of Representation and Conflict Resolution in the Korean Peninsula

James Tong
Political Science
The Asian Financial Crisis and Collective Protest 1997-99


Valerie Matsumoto
Rethinking Minority/Majority Relations: Cultural Identity and Political Process for Asians in Peru, Brazil and the U.S.

Herbert Plutschow
East Asian Languages and Cultures
Realistic Observation in East Asia: An Historical Investigation of an East Asian Modernity