Greece: Lessons of Her Performance in the European Union

Professor Stergios Babanassis, from the Univesity of Aegean, discusses comparative studies of countries, Europe, Economic integration, International linkages to development, Role of the International organization, long term indicators.


The present research focuses on three topics. The first one is Greece's insertion procedure to the EU institutions. The three phases of this procedure are put under examination: Greece association to the European Economic Community, its accession as a full member to the European Communities and its accession to the Economic & Monetary Union.

The second topic concerns Greece's performance in the European Union, which is assessed by the basic macroeconomic indexes. Greece's performance is presented in comparison with the European Union placing special emphasis on the following controversial questions:

  • What were the consequences of Greece's accession to the European Union?
  • How did Greece's performance progress in comparison with the performance of the European Union and of other countries?
  • How has Greece's level of development evolved in comparison with the level of development of the European Union and of other countries?

The third topic summarizes the lessons drawn from the performance of Greece in the European Union.

Download file:greece05.pdf

Published: Monday, May 16, 2005