Viet Nam: Beyond the Frontiers Conference

The University of California at Los Angeles is pleased to announce a conference to highlight new understandings on the transnational character of Vietnamese Studies on May 11-12, 2001.

'Vietnam: Beyond the Frontiers' will serve as a forum to build relationships between Vietnamese and Western scholars, Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American Studies, graduate students and established scholars, and across methodological boundaries. This conference is premised on the assumption that intellectual interaction between these areas will help to forge new directions in the field. Panels will represent a broad range of topics that approach the study of Viet Nam across methodological and spatial boundaries.

Panel Particpants
Friday, 11 May 2001
314 Royce Hall
  • Opening Remarks
    Prof Anthony Reid
    Director, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, UCLA
  • Key Note Address:
    "Etat actuel de la recherche des villages au Viet Nam: resultats et perspectives"
    Prof Phan Huy Le, Ha Noi National University

Panel 1: New Light on Dai Viet Sources
  • "Le Van Huu and Ngo Si Lien: a Comparison of their Perception of Vietnamese History"
    Yu Insun, Seoul National University
  • "Chinese Military Technology and Dai Viet, c. 1368-1484"
    Sun Lai Chen, Cal-State, Fullerton
  • "Beyond the Myth of Women's Equality: Inheritance & Succession in the Le and Village Codes"
    Nhung Tuyet Tran, UCLA
  • Discussant: John Whitmore, University of Michigan
Panel 2: An Eighteenth Century Crossroad?
  • "The 18th century Mekong delta and its world of Water Frontier"
    Li Tana, University of Wollogong
  • "One Region, Two Histories: Cross-Cultural Maritime Trade in the Thu Bon Basin (Hoi An), c. 2nd century BCE-c. 18th century CE"
    Charles Wheeler, Yale University
  • "Great Qing and Eighteenth Century Viet Nam: Materials in the Qing Archives, Beijing"
    John E. Wills, USC
  • "Transnationalism and Multi-ethnicity in the Early Gia-Long Period"
    Wynn Wilcox, Cornell University
  • Discussant: Anthony Reid, UCLA
Saturday, 12 May 2001
362 Royce Hall
Panel 3: "Destins Croises": Viet & French
  • "Recasting Pigneau de Behaine: French Missionaries and the Politics of Writing Colonial History, 1895-1914"
    James P. Daughton, UCB
  • "La Trace Lumiere: the Impact of Early Cinema in Redefining Indochina in the French Imaginary"
    Panivong Norindr, USC
  • "Strangers in a Foreign Land: Vietnamese Soldiers and Workers in France during World War I"
    Kim-Loan Hill, UCSD
  • "Educating Women: Vietnamese Women in French Colonial Normal Schools"
    Micheline R. Lessard, University of Ottawa
  • Discussant: Peter Zinoman, UCB

Panel 4: Vietnamese Religion Across Time & Space
  • "Crossing Oceans, Crossing Boundaries: the Remarkable Life of Philiphe Binh (1759-1832)"
    George Dutton, University of Washington
  • "The Mother Goddess Religion in Viet Nam: Tradition and Renovation"
    Ngo Duc Thinh, Institute of Folklore
  • "Vietnamese Spirit Possession as Ritual & Performance"
    Nguyen Thi Hien, Indiana University
  • "Home and Homeland after Exile: Vietnamese Buddhism in Transnational Perspective"
    Doug Padgett, Indiana University
  • Discussant: Cuong Tu Nguyen, George Mason University

Panel 5: Globalization & Transnational Processes

  • "RMIT International University Viet Nam: An Innovative Vision for Developing Vietnamese Studies"
    Nguyen Xuan Thu, RMIT University
  • "The Globalization of (New) Reproductive Technologies: Daily Practice and Local Interpretations of Infertility Treatments in Northern Viet Nam"
    Melissa J. Pashigian, UCLA
  • "Transnational Linkages in Work & Gender: Vietnamese Workers in Electronics & Garment Industries"
    Angie Ngoc Tran, Cal-State Monterey Bay
  • "Going Global: Vietnamese Artists Abroad"
    Nora Taylor, Arizona State University
  • Discussant: Thu Huong Nguyen Vo, Cal-State Los Angeles

Panel 6: Framing the Diasporic Selves
  • "Healing and Dividing: the Westminster Viet Nam War Memorial"
    Jessica Breiteneicher, UCLA
  • "Normalized Suffering: Vietnamese Transnational Gendered Subjectivities"
    Kieu Linh Caroline Valverde, UCB
  • "Twice a Minority: a Participatory Study of the Chinese-Vietnamese Adaptation Experiences in Viet Nam and the U.S."
    Minh Hoa Ta, San Francisco State University
  • Discussant: Linda Vo, UCI


Conference Sponsors: UCLA Centers for Southeast Asian Studies, Comparative and Interdisciplinary Research on Asia (CIRA), the Department of History; Asia Society; and Cathay Pacific.

Conference Coordinator:
Nhung Tuyet Tran, Department of History

Published: Thursday, November 14, 2002