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Websites of interest to students in Chinese studies.

Academia Sinica (Taipei)
Texts of the twenty-five Histories and other materials, available electronically.

Association for Asian Studies
Newsletter, Registry, etc. of the AAS.

China News Digest
Contains daily China News Digest (in English), and weekly Hua xia wen zhai (in Chinese).
Copyright © CND International

Chinese Classics
Texts of a number of the classics, some poetry, novels, biography, commentary, etc. Includes a chronology of the dynasties, and links to help on reading Chinese text on the WWW.
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Classical Historiography for Chinese History
Bibliography and exercises in classical Chinese historiography.
Copyright © Benjamin A. Elman

North America and Europe Chinese Studies Database
Information on Chinese studies programs and Chinese language collections at institutions of higher learning in North America and Europe
Copyright  © Chinese American Librarians Association

Wesleyan Chinese Philosophical Etext Archive
"A significant reorganization and enhancement, combining my Confucian Etext Project with new material prepared by others. Newly added texts include much of the Xunzi and Mozi. Coming in the next weeks: Zhou Dunyi, Tan Sitong, more Zhu Xi, and an advanced search engine."
[An exemplary, well organized scholarly e-texts site - ed.]
Copyright © Stephen C. Angle, Wesleyan University.

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Published: Monday, May 19, 2003