UCLA Faculty Speaking on Asia -- October 2005

UCLA faculty are frequently called to comment upon events and trends in Asia and in Asia-U.S. relations.

Daniel Neuman, Richard Baum, and Ka-Kit Hui were among the UCLA faculty quoted in the press in October, 2005.

Executive Vice Chancellor Daniel Neuman was quoted in The Hindu on the significance of the new UCLA chair in Indian music, a chair made possible by a gift from Medical School Professor Emeritus Mohinder Sambhi. Neuman thinks this gift "is the largest ever private gift for Indian music study to a university and has enormous value for the field of ethnomusicology, which has for half a century championed the teaching of Indian music, as well as other musical traditions from around the world, in American universities." Neuman is himself a specialist in Indian music. He first conducted fieldwork there in 1969.

Political science professor Richard Baum (who is also former director of the UCLA Center for Chinese Studies) was quoted in a New York Times article on a Chinese government report which argues the Communist Party is critical to building democracy in China. Baum concluded "There are simply no new ideas here." He described the party-state as fearing that "if you give an inch, they will take a mile."

Professor Ka-Kit Hui is the founding director of the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine. He was cited in a Los Angeles Times article on acupuncture. He noted that scientists did not fully understand why it was effective, but that research is already changing ideas about physical and emotional responses to pain.

Published: Monday, October 24, 2005