Korean Press Lauds UCLA Donors

A $1 million gift from humble, hard-working Fullerton couple makes news in their country of birth. Dong Soon Im and Mi Ja Im have endowed a chair in Korean Christianity at UCLA.

The South Korean daily newspaper Chosun Ilbo Jan. 28 took notice of the generous $1 million endowment by Dong Soon Im and Mi Ja Im for the purpose of establishing a chair in Korean Christianity at UCLA in the married couple's name. According to the article, Mr. Im came to Los Angeles 36 years ago as an exchange student and later worked as a computer programmer. He arrived in the United States with $200. Now retired, the Ims, both 64, live in Fullerton, Calif., and attend Los Angeles Young Nak Presbyterian Church. They are hard-working, modest people who drive a used 2000 Toyota Camry. Twenty-six years ago, they purchased a small apartment building, the recent sale of which yielded $1.5 million. This windfall gave the Ims an opportunity, in their words, to do something "good" for America, the country that made their dreams come true. Also in the article, the Ims express thanks to God for allowing them the blessings that made this donation possible.

Other recent Korean-language coverage of the Ims' generous gift has appeared in the Korea Central Daily and the Korea Times.

Published: Wednesday, February 01, 2006