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Webzine Covers Language in L.A.

Webzine Covers Language in L.A.

With student-interns as reporters, the UCLA Center for World Languages launches an online magazine devoted to the city's linguistic diversity.

The idea is to provide journalistic training for UCLA students while covering stories about language learning and use.


Date: Feb. 1, 2007
Contact: Kevin Matthews, kmatthews@international.ucla.edu
Phone: (310) 206-3556

The UCLA Center for World Languages today launched its inaugural issue of LA Language World, also known as LALA, an online monthly magazine for general readers about linguistic diversity and practices in Los Angeles.

Produced by student interns and staff members of the center and the UCLA International Institute, the magazine will publish feature articles, reviews and profiles. It may be viewed at http://www.lalamag.ucla.edu.

"The idea is to provide journalistic training for UCLA students while covering stories about language learning and use," said Kathryn Paul, executive director of program development and administration for the center.

Center director Olga Kagan, colleagues and staff run the National Heritage Language Resource Center and the Language Materials Project, both of which focus on U.S. minority language learning and languages that are less commonly taught in schools. According to the 2000 U.S. Census, more than half of Los Angeles County residents speak a language other than English at home.

The first issue of LALA leads off with an article about a family of Armenian immigrants that has experienced intergenerational problems of communication. Other highlights include a profile of an academic English program in the Los Angeles Unified School District that focuses on English variants, particularly Chicano English, and a first-person account by a local writer about life and learning in a bilingual Japanese American family. The issue also contains sections that seek reader participation and interviews with academics about linguistic maps and the naming of celebrities' babies.

"The student-interns have really taken advantage of the opportunity to define a new publication," said Kevin Matthews, senior writer for the UCLA International Institute and editorial director of LALA. "It might have been mainly about linguists and other scholars but has turned out to have a much stronger connection with the community at large."

Susan Bauckus, managing editor of the the UCLA Center for World Languages' Heritage Language Journal, is the editorial consultant for the magazine, and Scott Gruber of the UCLA International Institute is its webmaster and graphic designer. UCLA undergraduates April Girouard, Margarita Hirapetian and Stephanie Tavitian are reporters.

About LA Language World

LA Language World (LALA) is a monthly online publication that looks at Los Angeles' linguistic diversity case by case. Run by UCLA students and staff members, it fosters an understanding of linguistic communities and of the multiple paths of language knowledge. For more information, visit http://www.lalamag.ucla.edu.

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