World in Focus TV Program

World in Focus TV Program

Governor Gray Davis interviewed by moderator Bill Rosendahl

A four-part television series produced by UCLA International Studies, The UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations, and Adelphia Communications.

The series brings a West Coast voice to the key issues in global affairs that have emerged since the September 11 terrorist attacks. The series aired on the Adelphia Southern California cable system (channel 10 or 20) in January and February 2002. It can be seen here in streaming media.

Program 1: Securing America (Jan. 10)

  • Michael Intriligator, director, UCLA Burkle Center
  • Khaled Abou El Fadl, acting professor, UCLA School of Law
  • Eugene Volokh, professor, UCLA School of Law
  • Peter Katona, assistant clinical professor of infectious diseases, UCLA School of Medicine
  • Linda Rosenstock, dean, UCLA School of Public Health
  • Rick Greenwood, director, UCLA Environmental Health and Safety
  • C. Scott Saunders, associate director, UCLA Trauma Psychiatry Service
  • Connie Rice, Advancement Project


Program 2: The War Against Terrorism (Jan. 17)

Segment 1: Afghanistan and Beyond

  • Marc Trachtenberg, UCLA Political Science
  • Amy Zegart, UCLA Public Policy
  • Michael Parks, Interim Director of Annenberg School of Journalism, USC

Segment 2: Interview

Segment 3. Roots of Anti-Americanism

Segment 4: Motivation for World in Focus, with Bill Rosendahl

Program 3: 9/11 and the Global Economy (Jan. 24)

  • Geoffrey Garrett, vice provost, UCLA International Studies
  • Edward Leamer, director of the Anderson Forecast
  • Lynn Stout, professor, UCLA School of Law
  • Don Straszheim and Susanne Trimbath, Milken Institute


  • Michael Milken, Milken Institute

Program 4: Hollywood and the Media post-9/11

  • Moderator: Bill Rosendahl, Vice President for Political Affairs, Adelphia Communications;
  • Co-host: Jeffrey Cole, UCLA Center for Communication Policy

Segment 1. US Media Coverage post-9/11

  • Patt Morrison, LA Times
  • Marc Nathanson, Chairman, US International Broadcasting
  • Norm Pattiz, Chairman, Westwood One

Segment 2. International Perceptions of America and U.S. Foreign Policy post-9/11

  • Brian Jenkins, RAND;
  • Marc Nathanson, Chairman, U.S. International Broadcasting;
  • Norm Pattiz, Chairman, Westwood One

Segment 3. Interview with Governor Gray Davis

Segment 4. Hollywood post-9/11

  • Frank Biondi, CEO, Waterview Advisors;
  • Robert Rosen, Dean, UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television;
  • Jim Bates, LA Times

Published: Sunday, June 16, 2002