Central Asia Workshop: A Tale of Two Master Plans and the Architecture of Neutrality

Presentation by Andrew Kovacs, Architecture

Friday, November 15, 2013
10:45 AM - 12:30 PM
Bunche 6349

Lunch will be served.

Andrew Kovacs will be presenting:
A Tale of Two Masterplans and The Architecture of Neutrality
Since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union Central Asia has undergone a transformation. A Tale of Two Masterplans and The Architecture of Neutrality investigates the recent developments in architecture and urbanism in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan respectively. While both countries strive to project their own independent identity, this transformation is made most apparent in the works of architecture and the development of cities in the past 20 years. This projection of a new independence and identity is explicitly demonstrated through the construction of new monuments and their surrounding public spaces. The production of architecture, and how it is used and occupied in such a territory becomes a testament to different ideologies which is illustrated precisely through each countries public spaces, major building, as well as housing developments. At the same time, the construction of this new architecture render the architecture constructed under rule of the Soviet Union in a new light.  


The Central Asia Workshop is an interdisciplinary discussion group sponsored by the UCLA Program on Central Asia. The goal of the workshop is to encourage graduate student research on Central Asia by creating a space where students and interested faculty can discuss research, theory and ideas with others who have experience or interest in the region. The workshop is a forum for exploring recent research and classical and contemporary theoretical perspectives that inform work in Central Asia. Weekly discussions are led by members on a rotating basis, and topics are determined by group interests.

Course credit for the workshop is now available under HISTM287/ANTHRO M287R with Dr. Nile Green for those who are interested.

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Sponsor(s): Program on Central Asia