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Djoko Walujo Wimboprasetyo
Lecturer in Ethnomusicology
Department: Ethnomusicology
UCLA Ethnomusicology
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Keywords: Asia, Music

Javanese Gamelan instructor.

Djoko Walujo studied music at the Indonesian Arts Institute and law at the University of Gajah Mada in Jogyakarta, Java. He was a music professor at the Indonesian Arts Institute from 1975 until 1992 and has taught at Cal Arts from 1992 to the present. Mr. Walujo studied gamelan music from an early age with many well known teachers, including Raden Lurah Dhamowijoyo, Raden Ngabehi Prawira Pangrawit, Raden Mas Handoyo Kusuma, Bapak Harjaswara, Bapak Sunardi Wisnubrata, Bapak Promono, Bapak Hadi Sumarta and K.R.T. Wasitodiningrat. He has performed widely, composed music for dance and drama, and received awards from the Javanese Ministry of Education, governor of the special region of Yogyakarta, the Radio Republic of Indonesia, and the governor of Central Java.