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UCLA-USC Joint East Asian Studies Center (JEASC)

The UCLA-USC Joint East Asian Studies Center (JEASC) is a consortium that brings together the Asia Pacific Center at UCLA and the East Asian Studies Center at the University of Southern California. Since its designation as a Title VI National Resource Center in 1975, JEASC has been the driving force behind a remarkable expansion in training, research and outreach related to East Asia and its languages, making a significant contribution to meeting the national need for citizens knowledgeable about the world while dedicating itself to serving the people of Los Angeles and southern California.

Today JEASC has one of the largest and most accomplished faculties anywhere, with over 200 faculty members, 40 of whom are language-teaching specialists, they offer more than four hundred courses and teach over 12,000 students annually. Our students have access to one of the nation's ten largest East Asian library facilities as well as the unique resources of the two schools' film archives, museums, and study abroad programs.

The two JEASC partners act as nodes for the East Asian studies community in southern California, planning complementary seminars, conferences and speaker series as well as building links with other Title VI Centers. Pooling the resources of southern California’s two premier universities allows the consortium to offer an unrivaled range of resources and programs to meet the demands in our community, the professions, business and government for graduates with language and area studies expertise on China, Japan and Korea.

Programs administered under this grant include the Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship, K-12 Teacher Training Workshops, the UCLA/USC and Illinois Indiana National Dissertation Workshop, and more. The UCLA Program on Central Asia is also partially supported by this grant.


FLAS scholar studies nexus of language and traditional Zhuang singing

John Widman's research has taken him to the bridge between music and language. To cross it, he's blazing his own linguistic trail.

Innovative library collection stimulates Japanese language learning at UCLA

Authentic Japanese reading materials have been acquired with the support of federal funds through a partnership of the Asia Institute, East Asian Library and Asian Languages and Cultures Department of UCLA.