Established in 2001, the Canadian Studies Program at UCLA fosters a better understanding of Canadian society and its relationship with the United States. Through its teaching, research, and public lecture series, the Program facilitates awareness of issues of mutual concern to the two countries among students, faculty, and the public at large.

"Canada is the United States’ largest trading partner and largest, most secure supplier of energy. In addition to sharing the longest, most secure border in the world, Canadians and Americans share the same aspirations and values. And yet, there are differences. Differences that sometimes matter. In an increasingly globablized, complex and contentious world, where the problems get bigger as the world gets smaller, it only makes sense that friends and allies know each other as well as possible. Problem solving - whether economic, environmental or diplomatic - can only benefit."

—David Fransen, Consul General of Canada, Los Angeles

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Canadian Studies at UCLA-Hosted Symposia and Conferences

Highlights from the IoES Urban Sustainability in North American Cities Symposium

Decision-makers, researchers, and UCLA faculty and students participated in the conference held Feb. 26 at UCLA. Read more »

Global Ecologies: Nature / Narrative / Neoliberalism - A two-day conference

Canadian Studies at the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability co-sponsored and contributed funding to this conference, co-organized by UCLA and Canadian University faculty. Read more »

Why Canadian Studies?

Canadians and Americans breathe the same air, drink the same water, and share the same responsibility to ensure that future generations have a safe, clean and healthy continent. Stewardship of the shared environment is a key element of the Canada-U.S. relationship as the countries work together to anticipate and address environmental challenges. Read more »

How is Canadian Studies Organized at UCLA?

Canadian Studies at UCLA supports the addition of Canadian content and comparative studies of Canadian and US issues across the curriculum. Read more »

Canadian Studies at UCLA is being led by the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability in partnership with the International Institute.
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