Yoram Cohen

Department: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
5531-E Boelter Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Phone: (310) 825-8766
Email: yoram@ucla.edu

Research Interests

Surface Nano-structuring
(silylation, graft polymerization, topology of modified surfaces, surface properties)

Surface Crystallization
(Impact of surface topology and chemistry on surface crystallization Selective crystallization through surface nano-patterning Kinetics of surface crystallization)

Separation Processes
(Membranes: Pervaporation; Ultrafiltration; Reverse osmosis and nanofiltration; Enhanced desalination water recovery with accelerated precipitation; Polymer Sorption Resins; Size Exclusion Chromatography)

Polymer Chain Dynamics

(Dynamics of adsorbed and grafted polymer chains)

Electroactive Polymers

Cognitive Neural Networks
(Estimation of physicochemical properties; combinatorial approaches to classification and ranking of pharmaceutical compounds and chemometric analysis of therapeutic drugs; process analysis.)

Environmental Impact Analysis
(Modeling of contaminant partitioning in the multimedia environment; Bioaccumulation of hydrophobic toxins; Contaminant transport in the soil matrix; Chemical volatilization from shallow water bodies; Intermedia transport factors for toxic air pollutants), Environmental exposure and risk assessment

Canadian Studies at UCLA is being led by the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability in partnership with the International Institute.
300 La Kretz Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095
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