The Characteristics of Crisis Prepared Organization Culture

(Lecture in Korean)

The Characteristics of Crisis Prepared Organization Culture

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Binnaeri Kong, Senior Researcher, Institute for National Security Strategy (INSS), The Republic of Korea

Wednesday, March 22, 2017
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

10383 Bunche Hall

Cultural elements has emerged as a key component of organizational success from late 20th century. Korea once was considered a good example of how organization culture such as hierarchical collectivism played a important role in rapid development. However, with recent economic decline and political turbulence, unique Korean organization culture is now facing critical demand of change for further break through. Hierarchical culture and associated top-down communication method are especially referred as one of significant factors to cause recent series failure of crisis management. From this perspective, Ms. Binnaeri Kong will examine common characteristics of organization culture strong in critical moments and differences between the so called “crisis-prone” and “crisis-prepared” work culture.

Lecture will be in Korean.

This event is exclusive to CKS Visiting Scholars, graduate/undergraduate students, and faculty.

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