Presentation + Film Screening on Labor: "The Island of Shadows"

Presentation by Ms. Jinsook Kim, followed by Q&A with Director Jeongkeun Kim

Presentation + Film Screening on Labor: "The Island of Shadows"

"The Island of Shadows," 2014 (98 min), gives voice to the unionists at Hanjin and highlights the historic 309-day high-altitude sit-in by Ms. Jinsook Kim.

Thursday, April 20, 2017
3:30 PM

Perloff 1102

The documentary Island of Shadows (2016) revolves around the voices of unionists at the Hanjin shipyard in Pusan, South Korea and highlights the historic 309– day high altitude sit-in by Jinsook Kim. Kim, a female welder who spearheaded the struggle to democratize the shipyard union in the mid-1980s, emerged as a key figure in the “democratic” labor movement over the 1990s and has become a champion of contingent workers.

Ms. Jinsook Kim's presentation and the documentary will situate neoliberal restructuring and the popular resistance in South Korea since the 1990s. As the post-developmental state and transnational capital retool their governing technologies to tame empowered labor, labor activists search for new possibilities of solidarity, community, and hope.

This event will offer UCLA community a unique opportunity to rethink labor's role in social movements in the age of neoliberal global capitalism and democratic uncertainties.

YouTube film preview:

Cost : Free and open to the public.

Sponsor(s): Center for Korean Studies, UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment