Visitors and Post-Doctoral Fellows, 2005-06

Jessica Breiteneicher Elkind
Historian of Vietnam taught two Southeast Asian Studies courses in 2005-06.

Sophia Siddique Harvey
Southeast Asia film specialist was a UCLA Visiting Professor in Winter and Spring quarters 2006.

R. Diyah Larasati
Accomplished Indonesian performance artist and scholar both taught and conducted research at UCLA in 2005-06.

Priscelina Patajo Legasto
Literature scholar from the University of the Philippines was in residence at UCLA during Fall quarter 2005 with Fulbright support.

KimOanh Nguyen-Lam
Distinguished Vietnamese educator taught Intermediate Vietnamese language course in 2005-06.

Djoko Walujo
Esteemed musician directed the UCLA Javanese gamelan orchestra in 2005-06.

Damon L. Woods
Philippine historian taught a variety of Southeast Asian Studies classes in 2005-06.