The following are the recipients of the 2009-2010 Southeast Asian Studies Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowships.

Academic Year 2009-10

1. Abigail Cooke, Geography, Thai
2. Elizabeth Macy, Ethnomusicology, Indonesia
3. Brandon Reilly, History, Filipino
4. Aaron Slosberg, History, Indonesian
5. Michael Viola, Education, Filipino
6. Anne Vo, Education, Vietnamese

Summer 2010

1, Meghan Hynson, Ethnomusicology, Indonesian
2. Jennifer Lo, Social Welfare, Thai
3. Lisa Newon, Anthropology, Thai
4. Tina Ngo, Southeast Asian Studies, Vietnamese
5. Cindy Nguyen, History, Vietnamese
6. Patrick Nguyen, Southeast Asian Studies, Thai
7. Steven Rodriguez, History, Indonesian

Published: Thursday, May 12, 2011