One-quarter of all the Spring SEAS courses are being taught for the very first time.

By Barbara Gaerlan

Spring 2014 is an exciting time for Southeast Asian Studies, as the UCLA faculty have produced an unusual plethora of eight brand-new Southeast Asian Studies courses in five different departments: 

•    Anthropology 118, Southeast Asian Archaeology  --  Stephen Acabado
•    Asian American Studies 97, Student Organizing around Global Issues (Philippines) -- Victor Bascara
•    Asian American Studies 97, Writing and Cinema in Filipino -- Lucy Burns
•    Asian American Studies 191D, Fictions of the Filipino Diaspora  --  Lucy Burns
•    Geography 145, Slavery & Human Trafficking  --  Lieba Faier
•    History 97M, U.S. Engagement in SE Asia  -- Dahlia Setiyawan
•    Southeast Asian 70, Modern Southeast Asian Literature  --  George Dutton
•    Vietnamese 40,  War in Vietnamese Pop Culture -- Thu-Huong Nguyen-vo

A complete listing of all 32 Spring Quarter 2014 Southeast Asian Studies courses can be found online at 



Published: Tuesday, March 04, 2014