The following are the recipients of the 2008-2009 Southeast Asian Studies Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowships.

Academic Year 2008-2009

1. Gustav Brown, Sociology, Indonesian
2. Joshua Herr, History, Vietnamese
3. Anthony Ocampo, Sociology, Filipino
4. Lorenzo Perillo, World Arts & Cultures, Filipino
5. Brandon Reilly, History, Filipino
6. Elena Shih, Sociology, Vietnamese
7. Ryan Taylor, Urban Planning, Thai
8. Kimberly Twarog, Women’s Studies, Indonesian
9. Michael Viola, Education, Filipino
10. Mellissa Withers, Community Health Sciences, Indonesian

Summer 2009

1. Joshua Herr, History, Vietnamese
2. Tuyen Le, Geography, Vietnamese
3. Catherine Nguyen, Comparative Literature, Vietnamese
4. Michael Viola, Education, Filipino

Published: Thursday, May 12, 2011