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UCLA Southeast Asia Courses

2006-07 Spring Quarter

111244200AnthroEmergence from the Secret War: The Hmong American ExperienceBays, S.A., Yang, E.
118561200Art HisArts of Southeast AsiaBrown, R.L.
121498200Asia AmFilipino American Experience Burns, L.M.
121729200Asia AmCritical Issues in U.S.- Vietnam RelationsPham, D.C.
121735200Asia AmAsian Americans & WarBascara, V.
840559200Com HltResearch Methods in the Social & Behavioral Determinants of AIDS Prevention Morisky, D.E.
180439200EconEconomic Problems of Underdeveloped CountriesSamphantharak, K.
583391200EducSeminar: Asian Education Hawkins, J.M.
844163200EpidemAIDS: A Major Public Health ChallengeDetels, R.
844558200EpidemInternational HIV/AIDS SeminarDetels, R.
208251200EthnomuMusic of BaliWenten, I.N.
208275203EthnomuPhilippine Music Ensemble (Rondalla)De Leon, P. / Guzman, R.P.
208667201EthnomuAdvanced Music of BaliWenten, I.N.
208689203EthnomuAdvanced Philippine Music Ensemble De Leon, P. / Guzman, R.P.
221724200HistSoutheast Asia Since 1815Robinson, G.
221727200HistVietnam: Past and PresentWoods, D.L.
621048200HistGraduate Seminar on SE AsiaRobinson, G.
222132200HNRSThe Vietnam War & American CultureGoodwin, J.E.
271152200SEASIANIntroductory VietnameseNguyen, T.B.
271155200SEASIANIntermediate VietnameseNguyen, T.B.
271182200SEASIANIntroductory ThaiAngkurawaranon, S
271185200SEASIANIntermediate ThaiAngkurawaranon, S
271215200SEASIANIntermediate Filipino/TagalogSan Buenaventura, M.J.
271242200SEASIANIntroductory IndonesianWijaya, J.
271248200SEASIANIntermediate IndonesianWijaya, J.
271510200SEASIANReligion & Society in Southeast AsiaWoods, D.L.
271614200SEASIANAdvanced VietnameseBui, C.V.
271674200SEASIANAdvanced ThaiAngkurawaranon, S
271794200SEASIANAdvanced IndonesianWijaya, J.
136828200SE A STBuddhism as Myth, Liberator, and Power in Southeast AsiaBlundell, D.S.
136846200SE A STCritical Readings in Southeast Asian StudiesDutton, G.
367810203Wom StdGender and SustainabilitySilverman, M.C.
356319200TheaterTheater of AsiaHarter, P.M.
359040200Wld ArtBeginning Indonesian Dance: Surakarta Court DanceSupriyanto, E.
359040202Wld ArtBeginning Dance of ThailandSirisook, W./ Mitoma, J.M.